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RUBY Stats
from Chad Thatcher


So far Java has lived up to all my expectations of a GP puppy. She
transitioned well into her new home and siblings. She has a very alert,
and bright personality.

Java is great with new people and places, she rarely takes more then a
minute or two to adjust, thanks I am sure to Judy exposing the pups to
a lot of people and stimulants from birth.

Judy made the the whole process easy, there were no problems with the

from Shayn Cutino – California


I am now a proud owner of a beautiful German Pinscher, thanks to breeder Judy Vandervort. Samson arrived one week ago on July 11/11 and he is the most amazing dog….so sweet and very well taken care of prior to my ownership. You can tell that a lot of time was spent with him because he is so loving and sweet. I highly recommend Judy if anyone if looking for a quality German Pincher. Judy was so easy to work with and we chatted a lot prior to Samson’s arrival. Any questions or concerns that I had she addressed and always gave me 110% of her time.

Samson is perfect in everyway from his coloring and stance to his personality! I am so grateful that I found Judy and was able to acquire one of her beautiful pups. I look forward to many years of enjoyment and companionship with my Samson as well as having made a new friend in Judy. Thanks so much!!!!!!

from Damion Dietz

I had some friends over today and the puppy had a great time. What a spectacular job you did. She is FANTASTIC!

She just went to lunch with me and my parents... They were as impressed as I am with the puppy!

Thank you for the great care you've taken throughout the process ... you made everything run smoothly for both me and this amazing puppy!

from Gregory Kochoumian


He's very quick to learn new things. The dog is amazing.

from Jason and Jessica

Pepper - Seattle

You did a really amazing job with these puppies. Every step of the way, from before we were certain there would even be puppies, you have been open and honest and enthusiastic about sharing details and answering questions. It is easy to tell how much you loves these dogs and all the love and care is reflected in Pepper. She is such a wonderful puppy. Smart, affectionate, everything we were looking for. We can not imagine having a better experience or better result than we did with Judy and Pepper.

Lukas Stats


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