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AM GRCH Rivendells Hotter N Hell
SU CH Lilla Enebys Amiral-Buster
CERF clear Age 1
Duffyco's Nelson
Health Information: Hip: FCI: A 1/2 - Elbows: FCI: A 1/2, CERF clear Age 10, A Hips, Normal Heart, VwD clear
Jason vom Awarenring
Health Information Not Known
KBSG, DT CH, VDH Dolly vom Münchhof
Health Information Hip: FCI: A 1/2 - Elbows: Not known
CH Lilla Enebys Winnie
CERF clear 2006 Age 4
SU CH Sultan De La Perle Du Cap
Health Information Not Known
SU CH Lilla Enebys Riffy
Health Information Not Known
AM CH Rivendells Celma Ce'Nedra
Health Information Not Known
SU CH Lilla Enebys Mad-Ghibli
CERF clear at Age 10
DE/INT CH Basko v Kuki
SU CH Lilla Enebys Krabban Health Information Not Known
AUST/SU CH Kaitler Haggiths Blessin
Health Information Not Known
Aust/SU CH Haggith De La Barque De L'Esprit
Health Information Not Known
AUST/NZ CH Kaitler Electric Voltage
Health Information Not Known

Lukas has been bred to Hades and puppies are expected late April, 2011. Click HERE to view more information.

Hades was bred by Cathrine Eklöf in Sweden at Rivendell Pinschers.  Cathrine traveled to New York to deliver Hades to her co-owner Kimberle Schiff in early August, 2008.  A short 2 weeks later, Hades boarded another plane for her flight to Washington and her home with me.  She arrived happy, healthy, and confident to begin her new and exciting adventure.

Hades was just 6 months old when she entered her first show and earned her first point by taking Winners Bitch.  She went on to win her first major at the Puyallup Cluster in January of 2009 at the tender age of 7 months and quickly pointed out to where she only needed her second major to finish.  Since there were not enough female German Pinschers showing in the Pacific Northwest to create a major, we made the decision to send her back to Kimberle for her last major, which she accomplished in style on Independence Day, July 4, 2009, at 13 months of age.  Hades continues to show and earn breed points, although we are not planning to special her as much as we are specialing Lukas.

Hades is a lovely bitch with a personality that warms everyone’s hearts when they meet her.  She is outgoing and a definite 'snuggle bug', preferring to be on your lap as anywhere else.  When not at shows she spends her days carousing with Lukas, hunting down rabbits and the like on our small farm, and trying to knock the squirrels off the top of the chain link fence (which rarely happens but she has great fun trying).  Hades spends her evenings on your lap or, if you must move, on her favorite pillow on the couch.

Hades is also a loyal, loving companion and has the biggest smile I have ever seen on a dog — she is always smiling, especially when she is happy to see you come home.


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